Renaissance Art

The Renaissance was a time of great achievements and spread of new idea's. After the black death many people lost faith in religion. When this happened many artist stop painting saints and angels bigger than ordinary people. Years later they painted saints and angels the same size as ordinary people. More years later artist had new painting techniques and they also made new kinds of paint to make their paintings look more realistic and beautiful. For instance take this picture for example:

external image joconde.jpg

This is the Mona Lisa and it was painted by one the most famous artist in the Renaissance, Leonardo Davinchi. But art was very important for other reasons because without it people wouldn't know what their ruler or other famous people look like. Art was also a way to show that you were a Renaissance man. This means that you were very skilled or talented at many things.

Art contributed to further growth to the Renaissance because it eventually it lead to the creation to coins, and on those coins were pictures on the current ruler of that City State the people lived in. Also many wealthy people became Patrons to many talented Artist so that the Artist can paint beautiful paintings or portraits of people. So basically Art lead to a lot of good things back then.

Humanism contributed a lot to Art in the Renaissance because in the middle ages Art was more around Religion, Death and Sadness like this painting below;

external image 220px-Paris_psaulter_gr139_fol1v.jpg

But In Renaissance Art was more based on painting different things other than Religion like this other Painting below;

external image 1.%20chess.jpg

But unlike the other painting this one is more realistic and it has perspective. This means that it pops out like a 3-D movie. This painting isn't based off of religion, it just has a bunch of women playing a game of chess.

Art had a huge impact on the Renaissance, without it our coins wouldn't have a picture of our past presidents. Without art we wouldn't know what people from far away or famous people look like. So basically Art is very important in today's world.