important people of the Renaissance

The renaissance had consisted of many important people such as William Shakespeare ,Leonardo da Vinci ,john calvin and many more

William shakespeare
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William had to be one of the most greatest poets and playwrights in the whole world .William was a hard and dedicated worker ,He changed the world by allowing plays to be written differently.William was born in the year of april 1564 in England .Despite the fact that Williams exact date of birth is not know the date that has been identified for him is april 23,1564 . Why ? you ask ,well this is because William was baptized april 26 and children were known to be baptized three days after they were born .

William loved to write about people struggles in life . His stories had consisted of conflicts on which the king and the peasants were able to relate to.Williams play encouraged the audience to either choose good or evil .The place where williams plays took place was known as a "play house" examples of this are the Globe theatre and at the Royal courts

Leonardo da vinci
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Unlike most of the original artist of the renaissance Leonardo was a florentine artist .He was the greatest of many to . He consisted of many different ways to show art wether it was through sculptures ,architect engineer and scientist .He had a love to expand his knowledge .Leonardo was born on april 15,1452 in the small town of tuscan town of Vinci which was located near the florence

Leonardo da Vinci was apart of a wealthy florentine notary and a peasant women .Leonardo rapidly advanced socially and intellectually when getting the best education in italy that his family was able to afford at the time .Not only was Leonardo focussed on art but he was also talented when it cane to writing his own music and improvising.In the year of 1470 leonardo joined the guild of florence as for in the year of 1476 he still introduced him self as verrocchio's assistant .As for the year of 1478 Leonardo decided to become a independent artist .Leonardo consisted of many painting that were unfinished but he was never the less then a amazing artist.
external image davinci1.jpgthis artistic work that was done by leonardo da vinci drawing of the "Vitruvian Man " this consisted of the golden ratio in body dimensions

John calvin
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John Calvin was born July 10,1509 and died in the year of 1564 May 27 .Not only was John a influential french theologian he was also a pastor during the reformation .He developed the system in theology and the name was later changed to Calvinism .Calvin was originally trained as a humanist lawyer as for the year of 1530 Calvin decided to break the Roman Catholic church. Due to the religious outbreak, Calvin then left for a better life in the land of Switzerland .This is where he decided to publish his first edition of his seminal work known as the "The institutes of the Christian Religion " in the year of 1536.

As for Calvin, things continued to look up for him after he was recruited by William Farel who helped him to reform the church in Geneva . Sadly for Calvin not all good things last forever and Calvin was then expelled. Does this mean that Calvin gave up ? NO! Calvin went on to Strasbourg where he then became a minister of a church of French refugees. Despite the families who stood in Calvin's way he pressed on forward. like most of us Calvin was an apologetic polemic writer. Calvin also sent many supportive letters with many reformers. On regular occasions Calvin could be found preaching around Geneva.