" Ruling women of The Renaissance "

“This page is about two ruling women, who ruled during the renaissance. They were talented, wealthy and loyal. During the time of the renaissance the thought women weren't talented, that all their job was to be loyal to their husband, to cook and give birth to boys. Many woman didn't fit in the mold, in other words some were talented and deserved to be more. Women that were talented and had everything a renaissance man had been called renaissance women. “

Isabella D' Este
Isabella D' Este was the first lady of the renaissance, from 1474-1539. Isabella d' Este was born May 18, 1474. She grew up in life in a city state called Mantua, Isabella was she was talented; she received excellent education when she was younger. She studied Roman history, and rapidly learned to translate Greek and Latin. She played an influential role in the cultural and political development of the region. Isabella was a patron of the arts as well when it came to a leader of fashion. She had an innovative style of dressing, woman throughout Italy were so inspired with her sense of style they started to dress just like her when they would go to the French court. She was a prolific letter-writer. Isabella's husband Francesco Gonzaga; they had sponsored writers and sculptors, collecting their works and attracting other important artists, writers, thinkers, and musicians to the city. She started a school for girls and then turned her ducal apartment into a museum with the finest art treasures. She ruled Solarolo, in Romagna until her death on 1539. She died February 13.

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Catherine De Medici


Catherine De Medici was bornApril 13, 1519 in Florence Italy. Her childhood was very sad because she lost both her parents at only the young age of one. They both died from a disease. The nuns where she lived trained and disciplined her and as she grew up she became well educated. She felled her library with numerous manuscripts. Catherine got married at the age of 14; her uncle in 1533 arranged her marriage. She married Henry II of France. Catherine was not able to produce children for the first ten years of her marriage. Catherine was a major force in French politics, especially during the thirty years of the Roman Catholic - Huguenot wars. That was a name given to a period of civil infighting and Military operations; they were fights between French Catholics and Protestants. Catherine was a Roman Catholic; she was trying to create a balance with religion. She had a great interest in architecture. Catherine helped the Renaissance flourish; she was a great patron of the arts. Unfortunately in 1589 she died January 5 at age seventy.

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