Diamond Mitchell

Nicolaus Copernicus was born February 19, 1493, in Torun, Poland, about 100 miles south of Danzing. He was in the social class of the merchants. His uncle was the bishop and the ruler of Ermland, was the person that Nicolaus owed his education, career, and security to. He studied at the University of Cracow from 1491 - 1494. During his student years, Nicolaus started to collect books on mathematics and astronomy. He went back home in1494. In 1496, he became a canon (priest) at Frauenburg, staying here for the rest of his life. He then went out to Bologna, Italy, to study canon law. He became under the influence of Domenico Maria de Novara, who was an astronomer. There he recorded some earthly positions like he did in Rome where he spent the year of 1500.