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The printing press the the reason the Renaissance spread. The printing press was very important cause it was a huge scientific advances. For example with out the printing press we wouldn't have what we call today a printer.

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The Printing Press was invented in 1440 by a man named Gutenberg. Before they invited the printing press priest had to write the bible in their own hands. Gutenberg said that he was capable to make a copy of the bible in less than half than it took to copy one of the fastest priest in the christian world. He asked for money to Johan Fust and he began his journey, when he had no money he borrowed another loan, after two years he had no money one more time but the loaner didn't lend him more money, the loaner took in charge of the printing and put his nephew Peter Schafer in front of the business, because he was a helper of Guntenberg and he learned the business. Gunterberg got out of the printing press broke. Peter Schafer ended up finishing what Gunterberg taught him and the bibles were sold a very good price. Soon they started bringing more supplies. The speed of how they made the bibles were important, because before delivery of only one book could have been postpone for years. Gunterberg's bible it was not only the first printed book, but also was the most perfect one.

With the invention of printing science and human knowledge could transmit it faster and more people. Man always wants to progress and being displayed on the land is and will continue inventing. This is an example of the printing press.