Johannes Gutenberg

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Early life of Gutenberg

Gutenberg was born in Mainz, Germany in 1398. He enjoyed reading manuscripts (hand writings) books that his parents and friends had.His father used to work at the Mainz Mint and Gutenberg went with him, he learned tips from jewelers and goldsmiths on how to carve or how to make metal.When he was young he loved to read books, but he says that making a single book would take months, even years, and so he didn't want to wait that long so he planned to do something about it some day.He wanted to contrive a easy and quick way of printing. He didn't want no one to know what was he doing. So, he looked for a workshop that nobody would find him. Those tips help him later on his invention. Then he moves to Strasbourg in 1428. He stayed in Strasbourg for 20 years. During that time he fell inlove with Ennelin zu der Iserin Thure. Then he decided not to marry her becuase of her violence.

How did he start the Printing Press?

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During the time he ivented the printing press, he was living in Strasbourg. While living in Strasbourg, he found a old building tha had a little room which needed little repairing for it could be used. He repair the room and use it as his workshop. In his little room he tried to work on his experiments for days but it wasn't going well and thats when he needed money. He went back home and that's when he met a rich goldsmith and lawyer named Joahann Fust.Gutenberg explain to him his situation that he need money for his experiments. So, Fust agree and gave him that money that he needed. Gutenberg was working well and completed the first book ever printed named "The Bibble in Latin".

The Death Of Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg died in Mainz, Germany in 1468. He died in a fire when enemy troops attacked Mainz. Then he was buried in the town Franciscan Church. Now today people use printers and scanners. He was a result of a great invention, the printing press.