Hillary Benedith

Art Techniques

During the Renaissance the paints were much different then the paints in the Middle Age. In the Middle Age the paintings were flat and dry and was not seen very
will. but unlike the Renaissance their paints were clear and realistic and also people would sometimes imagine like the were in those pictures.

the Renaissance picture .
Middle Age pictures.

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Also during the renaissance there were many famous painters like Leonardo Da Vinci , Michelangelo and more. Leonardo da vinci was really famous for doing everything even having the greatness paint's in the renaissance time he painted the famous painting of Mona Lisa the reason why the painting of Mona Lisa is very famouse because rumors has it that she follows you around with her eyes. But unlike the middle age they focus on Jesus and Virgin Mary and the saints and they use paintings to show god and the first man and woman and Jesus death.

Leonardo Da Vinci had some painting's that were regionalism like the painting of mother Mary and the angle who was sent down from haven.
external image faith-pain-460_1000327c.jpg external image 360%20Virgin%20of%20the%20Rocks%20Oil%20Painting%20by%20Leonardo%20Da%20Vinci.jpg

And also he made another picture about Virgin Mary and her son Jesus and later he painted another on religion painting of Jesus but with his suppers.
external image mary-baby-jesus.jpg

During the renaissance the paints were much different their paintings seem so real they use the leair in their paintings to make it seem like it real and take people beyond their imaginably. the Colors of the renaissance paintings are bright and clear and also realistic the painting seem like it could pot out the picture.

The growth of the renaissance paintings it gave the people a better understanding of what the artist is trying to said it could be anything it could be about love but they paint it an different way of showing it, it could also be about mothers loving their children but then again it could be about anythings that what make the people understands is that why the arts of the renaissance is a growth because they see the imagine and undersigned.

For Example:
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Leonardo da Vinci paintings were created in the 14 century during the renaissance time and many people loved his painting's even the Mona Lisa paint the reason why they love his painting it because his painting here amazon. He brought art to another level and he also made art alive and more realistic for people to relate to it.He was important because he change
the way people interpreted art. He was much more different then the agave artist during the renaissance's beacuse he was more viscerally in his work of art's. Unlike the other artist their drawings were not real and clear-full for the people of the renaissance to see and understand but unlike Leonaedo da Vinci his paintings were very Clear and understanding and also made you viscerally the thought about arts .

For Example: external image leonardo-da-vinci-paintings3.jpg

The art become more spiritual in form and understand-inc an deter the arctics went farts in paintings naked bodies,which took art anther level.
I learn that art is part of humanism in the renaissance because it show the way people live in life and also during the ancent time.
Artis create many different paintings of humanism because it show what they look like and how they intricate with other people.

For Example

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