Leonardo Da vVinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15,1452,in Tuscan hill town. Leonardo was a genius and diversity of achievements. He has done many things,he was a astonishing, anatomist, engineer and a philosopher, and a sculptor. Leonardo worked in verrocchio's Baptism of Christ. Leonardo da Vinci has created many paintings but only 17 have been identified. In 1472 leonardo was accepted into the painter's guild of Florence.

First Milanese period (1482–99)
In 1482 Leonardo fist moved to milan to service of the city of the Duke. He had just received his first substantial commission. Leonardo completed 6 paintings in only 17 years.He made 3 more paintings but they disappeared. He made a panting called ''The Virgin Of The Rocks'' that took him 10 years, with 12 years of interruptions. He made a sculpture that was 16 feet (5 meters).

Last years
When he turned 65 years old he was invited to the young king Francis1 .In 1516 he left Italy forever. 3 years before Leonardo died, he lived in a small residence called Cloux, France. Leonardo Da Vinci died in his Cloux residence and he was buried in the palace of Saint-Florentin. Since the French Revolution was taking place, the palace was torn down. His grave can never be located.
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This is the famous painting of Mona Lisa

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She is watching everything you are doing every second.

leonardo davinci:Mona Lisa