Kaylyn Laviera 902 5/18/12

William Shakespeare.

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William Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564. Shakespeare was apart of a famous theater called a Globe. He traveled to London to become an actor. But instead he became the most popular play writer . Mainly he did poetry instead of play writing. Some examples of his work was sonnets of Shakespeare, also he wrote Romeo and Juliet & much more. He died on April 23, 1616. He was 52 years old when he passed.
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I believe that William Shakespeare was significant to the renaissance for different reasons. Back when the revoultionary issues was occurring. He was one of those artist hide there thoughts into public entertainment. For example in Hamlet he pin pointed the struggles of the heir-less throne. But mainly he voiced his problems in the renaissance through his plays. Also he wrote many diffrent types of plays such as dramas, tragitetys and comedys. He is stilled used today because he had influence on culture through out the world. I think he awesome because he changed invented words. He made up spelling and lyrical language. Also he invented vocabulary which is being used today.

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William Shakespeare contribute to the further growth of the renaissance I think people saw William shakspears writing in his plays as an inspiration in earlier English writing. Especially in histories and medieval dramas. I believe they called it rich language. I believe the languge that william shakespear wrote inspired people and it furthered the renacaissance period.
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I believe that William Shakespeare showed different aspects of individualism because he introduced psychological realism and also depth to drama. It created living believable characters, all of them showing the rich diversity of humanity. Years later, we can identify his aspirations. He played a big role in society because what he spoke in his writing how creative he was in his writing. This showed us that he impact on our English writing today.
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