Art :

Sculpture was the first of the fine arts to display Renaissance traits. Donatello was one of the most important sculptors of the early Renaissance. He did classical techniques such as contrapposto and classical subjects like the unsupported nude. His second sculpture of David was the first free-standing bronze creating in Europe since the Roman Empire.
During the Renaissance painters began to enhance the realism of their work by using there techniques in perspective. Artist also began to use new techniques in manipulation of light and darkness. An artist from Florence named Giotto was one of the first to paint in this new style. Giotto lived more than a century before before the beginning of the renaissance, but his painting show real emotion. The bodies look solid, and the background of his paintings show perspective.
Michel-Angelo Buonarroti of the Florence was one the greatest artist of all time. Like Leonardo, Michel-Angelo was a "Renaissance Man" of many talents. He was a sculptor, a painter, and a an architect. When Michel Angelo carved a statue of Moses, he included veins and muscles in the arms and legs