<p>Neffetiti Edwards 5/18/2012 904 innovation The Medici family The life of the Medici family 220px-Cosimo_ii_de'_medici_adn_two_.jpgThe Medici family was connected to most of their family, through partnerships or employment. As a result several other families had a way of doing things to access to the rest of the families but only through the Medici's, That has actually been a reason for the rise of the Medici Family. The First member/person of the Medici Family To be a high public office is/was (Ar dingo de Medici) He was elected Gonfaloniere in 1296, two more members held that office within 30 years.After a few years has not been elected for a short period of time until (Salvestro de Medici), He returned the Medici to prominence Holding the office in 1370 and 1378.The medici family originated in the mugello region of the country side,successfully rising until they were able to found the medici bank. That bank was the largest bank in all of europe during the 15th century,the medici family gained alot of power in Florence but they remained citizens rather than monarchs. questions:

1:how did the medici family gain all of that power. _well the medici family gained wealth when one of the members of the family served as gonfalero(bearer of a high ceremonial office).Their luck wasnt over because in the fourteenth century their wealth increased even more. Sevestro de Medici led people to rise against the ciompi (Small artistinate) and later became so popular that he became the defacto dictator of Florence,but for some apparent reason his wealth some how gained when he was exiled.

2: who was the eldest member of the medici family
  • The eldest member of the medici family was named (Cosimo De Medici) cosimo was born September 27, 1389, and growing up for cosimo was pretty easy than you would imagine, actually cosimo was the first to get a normal education like some other people who he either he known or hae grown up with. Education was available but an opinion for students back in the 14th century, cosimo grew up with a great sence of respect and of corse a lot of knowledge. cosimo became a humanist and in Florence during cosimos early years he was spilt between two things (the upper classes and the middle classes) he got tons of help from the albizzi family and one of the middle class family whos name will not be mentioned and he was also supported by his own family (the medici) Even though took over a few things after Giovanni he still lived successful life on his own.

3.did the medici family ever support an artist?
-Back in the 14th century art was like a sport, when you play (or in you're case paint) you will get supporters and if you get supporters for your paintings you get money and when you get money you get famous and people that were in the upper or middle class supported the best paintings that they saw and at the same time people paid alot of money for a self potrait if you were a good enough painter, for example the medici family supported painters that the though were good and supported more of these artist by telling them to paint self portraits of them, the medici family became patrons for painters, going from merchant to merchant to class and bankers they oficially became politicians

In the Medici's family past they have been very successful people, when they had the (Medici bank) everyone knew that their bank were one of the best and most respected banks in Europe. There are some information that states that the medici family were one of the most wealthiest family in Europe for a long period of time as they lived. If you havent noticed it yet then you should read again everyone in the 14th century were like into todays society. because we support art now-a-days, we pay the artists families who have already past pn a lot of money just for one, so basically back then they were doing the same thing for painters like we do now for Picasso.