Famous Renaissance People

One Particular aspect that was included in the Rennassiance were important people.

Some important people were:

  • William shakespeare

  • Nicolas Copernicus

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

William contribued in the rennassiance by being ne of the most best famous poets and playwriter in the world. He was apart of the Globe, which was the most famous theatre. He beacme the most popular dramitist. He is often called “The Bard of Avon” or simply “The Bard.” His stories had consisted of conflicts on which the king and the peasants were able to relate to. One of his most famous plays were Romeo & Juliet.

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leonard.png Back in thhe 15th Century There wasnt as much knowledge as it was now. But Leonardo Da Vinci aquired knowledge. Leonardo was a painter, a sculptor, an inventor, a musician, an anatomist, and a writer. His Work Was Brilliant. His father Pierro, who was a prominent man in the area, sent him to the workshop of Andrea del Verocchio. At that workshop he learned many things besides painting, as artists in the Renaissance were supposed to learn all of the known arts and crafts, as well as mathematics and humanities.

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Copernicus pretty much started the modern science of astronomy. He also revolutionized science as a whole by making pure scientfic observation and experimentation the basis of his theories. Another way pf saying it is, he put aside his religious beliefs and his imagination when it came to determining fact. Copernicus not only faithfully performed his ecclesiastical duties, but also practiced medicine, wrote a treatise on monetary reform, and turned his attention to a subject in which he had long been interested astronomy.