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Art and Literature

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During the renaissance in 1450-1600 people studied art and literature. For art, painters began to use there new techniques in perspective. The artists get there inspiration from every day life. They show's individual feelings through the paintings. For the early renaissance, in Italy, people really focus on translating and studying classic works from Greek and Latin since both cultures were highly admired in the renaissance. During the renaissance, the painters trasnslated the 3D word into a 2D surface by using linear perspective the linear perspective fit into the humanist focus on individualism by linear perspective helped in by creating a realistic view of renaissance life in the art work. Mthematics really help them create it. The art also focuses on real life situations. The renaissance artists model thiere portraits from the coins they recovered from the ancient roman times.


During the renaissance the humanist and there reverence for the classic in the Greek ans the Rome since they had the effect of stifling the growth in creative literature. During The renaissance era the printing press began. It was in servce in 1400 by Johannes GutenBerg. It had existed for a long period of time. It changed the world by making letters, newspapers, etc. hilosophy had a great complex influence on the evolution on literature. Literature was significant ot the renaissance because it began in Italy during the 14-17 century and spread. the renaissance did not only do literature but also art and architecture.

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