The Medici Family

The Renaissance

The Renaissance was an time period that had started in the 1500 all the way till 1750. People had decided to learn other new things; such as art and literature rather than focusing on religion. This time period was influenced by the Black Death and the Crusades. This was a time period of "Rebirth" for all the Europeans in Europe. This was also a time period where many famous people had made an impact to the renaissance; such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Johannes Gutenberg, and the famous family the Medici's.

The Medici family was a powerful wealthy family that ruled Florence,Italy for almost 3 centuries. They owned they're own bank, were patrons of the arts, and had replenished Florence during the Renaissance. They were also had maintain a strong army, had been involved in or controlled all aspects of life in the city, were great sponsors of artists, musicians, and writers and also some of the people in Florence thought they were dictators. Additional, they had ruled some of Italy's city state. In addition, they were the first dynastic family to win their status not by warfare, marriage, or inheritance but by commerce.

Cosimo de Medici with his mother and father
Cosimo de Medici (September 27, 1389-August 1, 1464)

He was a great businessman in the family and he had kept his family in power and made them more wealthier by keeping

their family bank running. He had also help make some of the greatest achievements of art. Additional, he had valued

education and appreciated the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. He also had used his money to help his friends get

into power. He was the son of Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici and in 1433 him and his family were banished from Florence by the Albizzi family. He had also found the famous Medici library and an academy for Greek studies and had made alliances with the Sforza family

Lorenzo the Magnificent (January 1, 1449-April 9, 1492)

Lorenzo when he was young
Lorenzo when he was young

Lorenzo was the grandson of Cosimo but he was not as smart at business like his grandfather. He loved to have fun and play sports with his friends and he was not much responsible when he was young. However, when he grew up he found out that if he wants to stay wealthy then he had to become more mature and responsible. Someone attempted to assassinate Lorenzo but the assassin failed at killing Lorenzo but he had killed Lorenzo's brother Giuliano and then Lorenzo had took charged after that event. He had kept Florence peaceful and he had prevented war. He loved art and was a patron who had funded the best artists; such as Michaelangelo and Lorenzo was popular and well liked.

Giovanni de Medici in his pope outfit
Giovanni de Medici in his pope outfit

Giovanni, or Pope Leo X (December 11, 1475- December 1, 1521)

Giovanni was the son of Lorenzo and he was elected pope at 1513. Giovanni had enjoyed art, but had enjoyed luxury even more. He loved to have elaborate festivals and celebrations and one of Giovanni's projects was to finish building St. Peter's Basilica and in order to finish it Giovanni had raised taxes and had borrowed huge sums of money. He had also sold offices in the church and indulgences and many people were angered cause of his actions. He known to be a big spender who appreciated art and literature. Additional, he had married a women name Maria Salviati, had a son, and his son became the first grand duke of Tuscany and was known as Cosimo I and he was the founder of the grand duchy and the new Medicean dynasty.

The Three Essential Questions

Q1-The Medici family were significant to the renaissance because they were a wealthy family that had helped many artist spread their wonderful artworks around Italy and probably the rest of Europe and had helped rebuild Florence and start the renaissance's origins.

Q2- The Medici family help the growth of the renaissance by being patrons towards artists, writers, and musicians, replenished the city of Florence, and had also help Florence become and place of beauty and intelligence due to the funding of the arts and education the Medici family did.

Q3- The aspect of humanism that is in this aspect is first Giovanni and Cosimo had used their wealth to make Florence an crossroad of ideas and their plan worked, so now Florence had been opened up to new ideals and philosophies of the distant lands, and had absorbed these new ideas through the writing and art that the city had produced.

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