The Renaissance

Johannes Gutenberg
Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. The printing press a very important and useful invention during the Renaissance and it's been improved in today's world. Johannes Gutenberg was a German printer, publisher. Along with being those things, he was also a blacksmith and goldsmith. With his invention, he started the Printing Revolution. It had to be one of the most important event of modern period. He was also responsible for oil based ink and screw presses. With the ink and screw presses, he combined these two and came up with the printing press.

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Involvement in Renaissance

The printing press hurried up the pace of the Renaissance culture. Before the printing press, there was a method called "block-printing." With this, people used to carve letters or pictures into a wooden block, inked and transferred to paper. But, it took too much time and it costs too much money. So then came the printing press. It started to spread pretty quickly. More copies of books could be made. Therefore, information was now available to a much larger population and it could be spread. Libraries could have more quantities of books and sell them for less. Ideas could now spread more quickly.

Contribution to Further Growth of the Renaissance

after the printing press was invented, people were reading more and became more intellectual. They could go and find a book on the topic that they wanted. This helped very much because during the Renaissance, people started to think individually. They focused less on religion and more on studies like science and literature. So, people could focus on what they were interested in and study more by reading these books. More ideas were spread for people to know about them.

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Aspects of Humanism

Books also spread the idea of a new philosophy that was known during that time for humanists. Before, people used to focus on how to have a good after life instead of focusing more on how to act on Earth. They were guided that way. Humanists tried to find manuscripts because they wanted to learn the classics. They knew how to read Latin and Greek. So, they rediscovered writings on science, philosophy, government, and art.The knowledge influenced them and there was an interest on human beings, their intelligence and their life on Earth. So, it influenced individualism.