Known as a cultural movement which started in Italy, Roman and Greek ideas were spread through Florence, Italy and later throughout the rest of Europe. Ideas were spread through trade, and expanded faster due to the invention of printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th centur.

external image Renaissance.jpgRenaissance art is the paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts of this time period. Renaissance art prevailed taking on different characteristics. One way art changed during the Renaissance was to the development of oil paint which had efects on paintings worlwide. One influence was also the creation of linear perspective, where all converging lines come together at a vanishing point, which helped artists draw in 3D instead of 2D. All of these influences helped artists to now draw what they wanted to draw, draw what their eyes saw, and to paint as they wish.

Art is an important aspect to the Renaissance because art gave people more independence and ways to express themselves. Art influenced and also improved how we later and now created paintings. Art relates to indiviualism bcause artists were able to draw whatever they wanted, whatever the saw, however they wished.