Najah Joyner- 3D Art in the Renaissance

The Renaissance had a lot of new art techniques. One of their techniques is painting so that parallel lines are coming together to give the illusion that your going into the picture. This is called linear perspective. For example, in a linear perspective painting, you might see a building appear in the back of the photo, even though that is not the focus of the photo. It also appears in photographs and paintings. Below are three examples of linear perspective.


This painting, The Yarnwinder, shows Virgin Mary with her son, Jesus. The painting was made by Leonardo da Vinci. This picture shows linear perspective. This art was important to the Renaissance because Leonardo made the picture more realistic. Whereas in the paintings before the Renaissance, important people looked more superior. This painting contributed to the Renaissance because Leonardo focused on one individual. An aspect of humanism in this painting is individualism. It is individualism because it focuses on one person.

This painting, the Annunciation by Leonardo,shows Virgin Mary receiving news the Archangel Gabriel. This picture is significant to the Renaissance because this panting is where Gabriel told Virgin Mary to name her son Jesus. Also because of this picture many Christians celebrate The Feast of the Annunciation. This aspect contributed to the further growth of the Renaissance because it shows linear perspective, and it showed realism. It shows realism because it shows Virgin Mary looking like a real person instead of a Halo around her head. Humanism is incorporated inside of this painting because the painting doesn't make Virgin Mary look superior or Divine.


This painting is called Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo. In this painting Mary is in the center of the screen. This aspect is significant to the Renaissance because the picture shows divine figures with no halos. This means that Leonardo was focusing on Realism and individualism. This aspect contributed to the further growth of the Renaissance because it does not show much importance towards Mary or Jesus.